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The TX Series processors are an essential part of any TX loudspeaker system. TX series
loudspeakers should not be used without the appropriate processor. There are different TX processors for each of the full–range cabinets in the TX line. The TX3P, TX4P and TX8P also provide processing for subwoofers added.
The TX processors perform several functions: Crossover, equalization, calibration, loud-
speaker protection and hum rejection. The crossover function splits the input signal into different frequency bands for each driver (e.g. High, Mid, Low and Sub for TX8). Equalization flattens and extends (LF) the frequency response. Calibration adjusts for different amplifiers to maintain proper response independent of amplifier gain. Protection ensures that the drivers are not driven beyond their safe limits. Hum rejection is provided by the balanced inputs and by the remote reference feature of the output drive stage when used with unbalanced amplifiers.
Function : Stereo, 2 or 3 way
Inputs: XLR Female (x2), 20 kohms
Inputs Full Power: +6dBu, +4dBv, 1.4Vrms
Max Input: +17dBu, +15dBv, 4Vrms
Outputs: XLR Male (x6), 600 ohm minimum
Output level: +14bBu, +12dBv, 4Vrms
Sense Inputs: Speakon™ 4 (x3), Stereo one band per connector
Trim Controls: +/- 6dB for Sub, +/- 3dB for horn & woofer
Crossover Points TX3 1.3khz, 125Hz

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