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Every elite enclosure can be used with an optional, dedicated stereo processor which is designed to optimize the performance of that specific cabinet. The 19" rack-mountable processors interface between the output of the mixer and the input of the power amplifier(s) to provide both pre-equalization and crossover facilities, plus enhanced subsonic protection and hum-rejection.

Variable crossover on the switchable Subwoofer Output
Subwoofer outputs feature user variable 90Hz to 150Hz crossover frequency controls. Bass frequencies destined for the full-range enclosure's woofer, which are more effectively reproduced by the subwoofer, are rolled off. A two or three way system can be achieved by adding a subwoofer to your existing elite system. It also features push buttons for live/playback mode, bi-amp/full range mode and subwoofer in/out.

All processors feature balanced 1/4" TRS (XLR optional) inputs and outputs and can be used with all Yorkville subwoofers - they are even compatible with our competitor's subs! All feature a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 97dB and a max output of 8Vrms, 20dBm at 1kHz.

Question - Will my elite speakers work without a processor?

Answer - Elite boxes do sound great on their own, without much tweaking or external processing. The simple answer is no, you don't absolutely need it, as much as you may want it after trying the system with and without the processor.

Confused? Don't be. In reality, all of the elite cabinets will operate just fine without the processor in the system. There is a tuned passive crossover network in every elite loudspeaker, and the component protection is part of that crossover network. (Unlike the processed TX systems where that processor is the only crossover system, and is integral to protect the components.)

However, there are advantages to having that processor around.

First of all, the elite processors are designed for specific cabinets and must be used in the right combination. If you're using the E152 then there is an EP152 processor, likewise the E2152 should have an EP2152 processor. The reason is, our processors provide a proper overall pre-EQd tone and are tweaked for their specific cabinets. They take into account the cabinet's design characteristics and know where to boost and to cut some frequencies for optimum even and most efficient response. In the cases of the smaller cabinets like the E10, the processor rolls off extremely low frequencies the cabinet isn't designed to reproduce, thus making the system operate more efficiently.

A variety of modes for virtually all applications
When using elite cabinets with subwoofers, the processor becomes the active crossover as well. Again, it optimizes the frequency response of the top cabinet, taking into account that there is a subwoofer present, and properly crosses over and phase aligns the system. Simply throw the switch on the processor from one-way to two-way mode and the crossover kicks in, the top box (E15, E12 or whatever enclosure you choose) becomes smooth mids and highs only, and you have a balanced output to feed the low frequency program to a subwoofer system.

**User Tip - When running a monitor system on stage with any elite enclosure, throw the processor into two-way mode. This will create a dramatic bass roll off in the cabinet and in some cases create more mid presence. In a monitor system, excess bottom end clutters up the stage sound (there's usually tons of bottom coming off the back of the main system anyways) and the increased presence makes the monitor mix much clearer and cleaner.

Larger elite cabinets like the E2152, E215, E152, and E15 can often be bi-amped internally and the processor is by far your most cost effective solution. Again, by switching into three-way mode in an E2152 the processor EQs for the bi-amped system set up, and provides balanced outputs to feed the multiple amplifier array.

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