Ultimate Support TOP-6 Smell the Rubber Custom Mic Stand Topper

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Ultimate Support Custom Mic Stand Toppers feature detailed, themed designs that are intended to showcase the personality of singers from every walk of life. Transport your boring mic stand into a personality-driven mic rig that drips with flair by simply adding a Custom Mic Stand Topper to the top of it! While the Custom Mic Stand Topper looks great and works fine on any mic stand (US thread), when placed on a Live Series mic stand from Ultimate Support, the Custom Mic Stand Topper becomes a one-hand clutch that lets you adjust the height of your microphone with a quick, simple squeeze!

Smell the Rubber Product Breakdown:

  • Simple Setup and Tear Down
  • Customize Your Mic Rig
  • What's Your Personality?
  • Plays Nice with Any Mic Stand - Even Better with Live Series
  • Take It With You
        • Part Name: TOP-6
        • Part Number: 16781
        • Weight: Approx. 1.75 lbs. (3.6 kg)

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