Turbosound TFA-600H Dual 3 Way 10 Line Array Element with Combined Polyhorn and Dendritic Waveguide for Touring Applications - DEMO

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  • 3 way line array element for touring applications

  • Combined Polyhorn and Dendritic waveguide with 75? H x 16? V dispersion

  • 780 Watts continuous, 3,120 Watts peak power

  • Carbon fibre loaded 10" low frequency drivers with inside/outside wound coils

  • High efficiency 6.5" mid range driver with low mass coil for improved transient response

  • Aluminium dome 1" neodymium motor compression driver

  • Switchable bi-amp/tri-amp operation for flexibility of use

  • Internal steel rigging for flying up to 12 TFA-600 elements in variable curvature array

  • 15 mm (5/8") birch plywood enclosure with hard wearing semi matt black paint finish

  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille

  • Neutrik speakON* NL4 connectors for reliable long life operation


The TURBOSOUND FLEX ARRAY TFA-600H is a compact trapezoidal three way enclosure combining a Dendritic HF device and a patented midrange Polyhorn in a single physically aligned waveguide with equal path length, ensuring a phase-coherent wavefront at the horn mouth. The TFA-600H is supplied with a 75° horizontal by 16° vertical dispersion pattern, which maximises direct sound field while reducing reverberant energy.

The TFA-600H contains a 1" neodymium high frequency compression driver on a Dendritic device, a high efficiency 6.5" high-mid frequency driver with low mass coil for improved transient response on a Polyhorn device, and two custom 10" low frequency drivers. It is a switchable triamp/bi-amp enclosure, and includes a passive crossover network between the MF and HF drive units for bi-amped operation which can be bypassed for fully tri-amped operation by moving an internal jumper located inside the connector panel, the status of which is visible externally. Neodymium drive units are used throughout in order to achieve the compact cabinet's exceptionally low net weight, making it convenient to transport, handle and rig. In addition the drive units are symmetrically arranged within the enclosure, which contributes to the smooth and consistent horizontal and vertical coverage.

The enclosure has both vertical and horizontal flying systems integrated into the cabinet in order to facilitate simple and intuitive rigging with the minimum of external parts. The horizontal, or ‘A'' mode, system is used to create flown or ground-stacked line array configurations. The ‘B" mode vertical rigging system is used for single box and virtual point source applications. This flexibility of use is made possible by the rotatable mid/high section, making it possible to address the majority of sound reinforcement applications with only one type of loudspeaker enclosure.

A flight-cased trucking system allows three boxes to be pre-rigged and transported together. The 15 mm (5/8"") birch plywood cabinet with rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille is equipped with eight recessed handles on the sides, rear, top and bottom, and is finished in hard wearing semi matt black paint. A recessed panel at the rear of the cabinet carries two parallel-linked Neutrik speakON* NL8 connectors for input and link through connections.

Dimensions: 710mm x 304mm x 560mm (28” x 12” x 22”)
Weight:  41kg (90.2lbs)

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