Tannoy VQ 40MH-BK Speaker

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The VQ 40MH’s modular design approach allows the system designer to create seamless and very predictable arrays which are ‘tight packed’ to avoid any unsightly spaces between cabinets; or they can be used singly as part of large distributed systems. The VQ 40MH addresses this requirement for compact dimensions without compromising performance in any way.

With the addition of these new VQ products it is now possible to design and install arrayed configurations comprising of multiple MH (mid-high) horns, along with bass enclosures and down-firing elements – ideal for applications such as large sports arenas and stadia.

The VQ 40MH can be configured for use in Single-Amp or Bi-Amp mode, in conjunction with a suitable digital signal processor (DSP).

Our unique approach in keeping what is effectively a Dual Concentric behind a single horn gives us many performance advantages. Performance of the VQ 40MH in terms of accuracy and sound quality is second to none. The VQ horn design principles provide definitive and measurable advantages over multiple-horn and co-axial designs.

The VQ 40MH incorporates a unique driver technology to radiate a coherent single point source for superior dispersion control when coupled to a PSW (Point Source Waveguide). This advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wavefront emanating from the throat. The PSW waveguide achieves an optimum balance of extremely well controlled coverage, smooth frequency response, and natural sound character.

For outdoor applications, weather resistant enclosures which incorporate stainless steel hardware are available.


(20.08 x 27.32 x 20.28")

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