Tannoy QCI 6DC IW High-Performance 6" Dual Concentric In-Wall Loudspeaker for Installation Applications - NEW

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Product Features

  • High-performance loudspeaker for in-wall installation applications

  • 6" Dual Concentric driver featuring Tannoy point-source constant directivity

  • Tulip Waveguide for a smooth, uniform frequency response over a wide area of coverage unachievable with discrete, two-way designs

  • Glass fibre cone with high-excursion, rubber surround for high power handling

  • 70 Watts continuous, 280 Watts peak power

  • Extremely thin bezel for discreet installation

  • Integrated single unit construction for easy installation

  • Semi matt white finish fits unobtrusively in any environment

  • Powder coated UV resistant perforated steel mesh grille with dust protection

  • Removable grille for custom painting

  • Self-aligning clamp mounting system

  • Removable Tannoy grille badge

  • Tannoy - Over 90 years of British sound heritage and innovation

Audio Evolution
Audio Evolution

For over 90 years Tannoy has been a leader in the pursuit of high-fidelity sound. The most demanding audio professionals around the world rely on Tannoy loudspeakers to create music and sound we love to hear and feel. From recording and mastering engineers to broadcasters and film score composers Tannoy loudspeakers are trusted for their proven reliability, true to source accuracy and ability to reproduce sound the way the artist intended. There really is no substitute for Tannoy. Trusted by music creatives around the world, installed in the world's best venues and locations, perfect for listening at home.
The QCI range is designed with the same high standards and attention to detail as our flagship professional and hi-fi loudspeakers. They deliver high fidelity sound that is extremely natural and detailed. They have the same sonic signature and can be easily mixed and matched to make a stereo, surround or multi-room audiophile system.

Tannoy Dual Concentric
Tannoy Dual Concentric

Designed and engineered it the UK, The full range QCI 6DC IW comprises a single 150mm (6.00”) driver with a glass fibre cone and high-excursion rubber surround. Capable of handling up to 280 Watts the QCI 6DC IW is optimised for in-wall installation and is extremely easy to drive and suits a wide variety of amplifiers and applications. The QCI 6DC IW features our legendary and exclusive Tannoy Dual Concentric Driver. With over seven decades of continuous refinement the Dual Concentric driver delivers a near-perfect point source. The high frequency driver is located centrally dramatically improving time coherence. The benefits are outstanding tonal accuracy - faithful to the original material, better controlled dispersion and a more natural sound with a wider listening sweet-spot.

Advanced Tulip Waveguide
Advanced Tulip Waveguide

Performance is further enhanced by the implementation of a highly innovative point source Tulip Waveguide with symmetrical dispersion, which provides a broad soundstage with remarkably focused and accurate stereo imaging.

Elegant Simplicity
Elegant Simplicity

A powder-coated perforated UV resistant steel mesh grill protects from dust and can be removed and painted to match any décor. Unlike many in- wall loudspeakers QCI 6DC IW has an extremely thin bezel for unobtrusive installation. Round and square baffles are included, an innovative self-aligning clamping system makes the single integrated unit easy to install.



Frequency response (±3 dB)

50 Hz – 20 kHz 

Frequency response (-10 dB)

30 Hz – 20 kHz 

Sensitivity (1 W @ 1m)

85 dB 

Directivity factor (Q)

4.8 averaged 1 kHz to 10 kHz 

Directivity index (DI)

6.8 averaged 1 kHz to 10 kHz

Power handling (IEC)

70 W


140 W 


280 W 

Recommended amplifi er power

210 W @ 8 Ω 

Nominal Impedance (Lo Z)

8 Ω 

Rated maximum SPL (1 m, Lo Z)

107 dB 


104 dB


110 dB 

Crossover point

1.6 kHz 

Coverage angles
500 Hz

180° horizontal, 160° vertical 

1 kHz

141° horizontal, 144° vertical

2 kHz

119° horizontal, 134° vertical

4 kHz

92° horizontal, 87° vertical

Low frequency diameter/material/type

165.5 mm (6") 

High frequency diameter/material/type

25.4 mm (1) 

Back can

Option 1: BACK CAN IW: Steel, powder coating


Reflex loaded UL94 V-0 rated ABS 


Stee l, with weather resistant coating 

Safety features


Clamping design

Security toggle clamp 


Phoenix Contact terminal block

Dimensions (HxWxD)

315 x 221 x 105 mm (12.4 x 8.7 x 4.1")

Bezel dimensions

Square: 315 x 221 mm (12.4 x 8.7")

Mounting depth

91.7 mm (3.6")

Hole cutout dimensions

299 x 203 mm (11.8x8") 

Net weight

2.9 kg (6.4 lbs) 

Packed quantity
Included accessories

Grille, paint mask, cutout template

Optional accessories

Option 1: BACK CAN IW

Option 2: PMK 6 IW

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