Tannoy CVS 801S LZ 8" Ceiling Subwoofer Loudspeaker for Installation Applications - Low Impedance Operation Only - NEW

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Product Features

  • Ceiling subwoofer loudspeaker for installation applications - low impedance operation only

  • 100 Watts continuous, 400 Watts peak power

  • 8" polypropylene long-excursion driver with butyl rubber surround for enhanced durability and long-term reliability

  • Extended deep bass output

  • UL 1480 certified for fire-protected signalling systems

  • UL 2043 certified for air-handling spaces

  • UV and weather resistant UL 94 V-0 ABS front with plated steel fire can enclosure

  • Powder coated aluminium mesh grille with dust protection

  • 8 Ohm input for low impedance operation

  • Acoustic low-pass baffle design allows use without crossover

  • Semi matt white finish fits unobtrusively in any environment

  • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included

  • Steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism for fire rated cable*

  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.


The CVS 801S LZ is a low impedance (8 Ohms) ceiling subwoofer engineered to provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground music sound systems. Ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, from restaurants and hotels to houses of worship and businesses of all types, the CVS 801S LZ offers the power handling, extended bass output and low distortion typically found in more expensive products. UL 1480 certification for fire-protected signalling systems and UL 2043 for air-handling spaces make the CVS 801S LZ the perfect choice where safety is a top priority.

Exceptional Sound and Reliability
Exceptional Sound and Reliability

The design comprises a 200 mm (8.00”) polypropylene long-excursion driver mounted in a UV and weather resistant UL 94-V0 ABS front with a plated steel fire can enclosure. Dust protection is provided in the form of an attractive powder coated aluminium mesh grille. The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and butyl rubber surround enhance durability and long-term reliability. CVS 801S LZ' acoustic low-pass baffle design allows use with other loudspeakers without the need for a crossover, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring excellent music and speech sound quality combined with exceptional reliability.

Comprehensive Installation Package
Comprehensive Installation Package

Supplied with an integral zinc-plated steel back can with recessed termination box, the CVS 801S LZ satisfies the vast majority of installation application requirements and features a semi matt white finish that fits unobtrusively into any environment. The removable locking connector has screw terminals for secure wire termination and “loop through” facility. A steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism are provided for use with fire rated cabling. Security toggle clamps make for quick and easy installation, while two tile support rails and one C-ring are also included in the package. A plaster (mud) ring is available as an optional accessory. Rounding out these impressive features is custom-designed low insertion loss 80 W line transformer with easily accessible tapping switch, which ensures pristine performance and optimal versatility.

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