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Product ID : DISTRIO-M-2076

6 Pairs Speaker Selector With Impedance Protection

Selector for 6 pairs of speakers with individual volume controls. Impedance matching system using transformers for better distribution quality. Very low signal loss. Individual selectors for each of the 6 pairs of speakers.

Selection of two different sources for each of the 6 pairs of speakers. Individual controls for each of the 6 pairs of speakers.

Spigot pressure connection points accept up to 8 gauge. Independent internal ground wire for left and right side for maximum compatibility with different amplifiers even bridged bridges.

  • Compatible with amplifier outputs of 4 - 8 - 16 ohms.
  • Maximum capacity: 180 watts / RMS channel.
  • Cabinet and black metal cover.
  • Dimensions: 17 "(43cm) W x 2.2" (15cm) W x 6 "(5.6cm) H.
  • Weight: 4.5kg (10lbs).

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