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The SPM8:2 is a programmable MIDI-equipped mixer that has eight audio inputs, a stereo output, and two auxiliary send and returns. Each channel can have its own volume, pan, effects, EQ, and LFO (we'll look at this revolutionary aspect later in the review) all of which can be set and memorised as part of a patch. There are 64 different patches which can be accessed instantly from the front panel, or from a footswitch, or MIDI control. In addition, all 64 patches can be saved to tape to create a back-up copy of the mix or stored as part of a library of different mixes.

MIDI programmable mixers have been on the edge of release for a number of years but only now are we seeing them actually appearing. For me, it was a surprise to find this unit sporting the Simmons badge rather than that of Akai, Yamaha or whoever. I'm not knocking the company, but we have all got rather used to the Japanese flooding the lower end of the market with rack units capable of everything - from being a full-blown synth (Yamaha TX81Z) to a MIDI patchbay (Akai MEP30). Having said that, Simmons' name for quality and innovation in the electronic drum world cannot be faulted, so maybe in retrospect the SPM8:2 is an obvious step, for this device is equally at home mixing digital drums as it is keyboards or anything else for that matter.
IVR mix output: Line level 3V PP.
Effects sends 1 and 2: Line level 3V PP.
All inputs: Line level 3V PP
Signal/noise ratio: >78dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%
Basscut/boost: +12dB
Treble cut/boost: +12dB
Mid cut/boost: +15dB
Mid centre frequency: 600Hz-6KHz
Processor type: 8031
Program ROM: 32 Kbytes
User battery packed RAM: 8 Kbytes
Cassette dump frequency: 1200/2400Hz

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