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Product ID: DISTRIO-M-2046

The Models 518SA and 518SB are unidirectional dynamic microphones with a ball-type grille that is an effective pop filter. The grille minimizes wind and breath noise as well as popping (from sounds like b's and p's)when the microphone is used close to the mouth. Both microphones are equipped with an improved internal shock mount that considerably reduces pickup of mechanical and handling noise. Shure-tested and -proved reliability and durability makes these microphones ideal for speech or music pickup in schools, churches, and meeting rooms, andfor sound reinforcement, broadcast, or recording of small musical groups. 

Microphone features:

  • Wide frequency response range for faithful, intelligible, and natural pickup of voice or music
  • Symmetrical cardioid pickup pattern minimizes feedback
  • Rolled-off low-frequency response reduces proximity effect (response rise from microphones used closeup)
  • Ball-type pop-filter minimizes breath popping and wind noise
  • Shure-designed, improved cartridge shock mount for quiet operation, low stand or handling noise
  • Slip-in swivel adapter supplied for simplicity of use either handheld or stand mounted
  • Lockable On-Off switch
  • Three-pin professional audio connector, the industry standard, for maximum interchangeability of cables
  • Available either low impedance, Model 518SB, or high impedance, Model 518SA, to suit amplifier or recorder inputs
  • Field serviceable and backed by the Shure guarantee
  • Handsome, durable, and economical

518SA: rated "High"
518SB: rated 150 ohms (Low)
Output Level (at 1,000 Hz)
51 8SA 518SB
Open Circuit Voltage* ......... -59.5 dB -82.0 dB
Power Level** .............................................. -60.5 dB
**0 dB = 1 mWllO pbar
Built-in On-Off switch with lockplate. To lock switch
On, remove screw on lockplate and turn lockplate 180°. Reassemble and tighten screw.
Swivel Adapter :
Adjustable from vertical to horizontal, for 518"-27 stand thread.
Case :
Dark brown finish die casting and chrome-plated steel grille

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