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MODULEThe main panel features a 24 x 2 lines display, 12 buttons, volume knob.
2 PCM card slots and headphones output.

1. Press JUMP and VALUE  
2. hold MARK and JUMP, the s ENTER.  
3. hold MARK, press PART INST LEFT  
4. Press ENTER, then press the VALUE UP button.  
5. hold MARK and JUMP, finally EXIT

- Midi interface 
- 2 main stereo out 
- 4 stereo aux outputs (no effects) 

SOUND system based on a Intel P8098 CPU which handles 30 voices polyphonic subtractive synthesis RS PCM Resynthesized Pulse Code Modulation. RS concept resynthesizes and rebuilds new harmonics using a custom sample interpolation, but it lacks a filter structure, in fact RS can be mistaken with older L.A synthesis implemented in Roland D-50 model.  Sound hierarchy is a bit confusing: the lowest level is a tone which is composed by either 1 or 2 samples (2 samples tone reduces the whole polyphony) out of 128 tones available (drum is apart) with no possible edit. The upper level is the timbre composed by a single tone that has some editable parameters: volume, detune and vibrato LFO.  Finally 6 timbres make a patch for performance. 

WAVETABLE 4 Pure rompler synth: 3MB ROM (6X 512 kb ROM) is organized in 2 sound groups:
- acoustic samples eg: piano, bell, guitar, string, organ, brass [...] 
- precalculated basic waveforms eg: pulse, sawtooth and generated harmonics.

CARD EXPANSION The ROM can be expanded using special PCM cards, also compatible with: Here's the list of available models:
SN-U110-01: Pipe Organs & Harpsichords
SN-U110-02 :Latin and FX Percussion
SN-U110-04: Electric Grand and Clavi
SN-U110-05: Orchestral Strings
SN-U110-06: Orchestral Winds
SN-U110-07: Electric Guitar
SN-U110-08: Synthesizer
SN-U110-09: Guitar and Keyboards
SN-U110-10: Rock Drums INFO
SN-U110-11: Sound Effects
SN-U110-12: Sax & Trombone
SN-U110-13: Super Strings
SN-U110-14: Super Ac Guitar
SN-U110-15: Super Brass
>Also third part cards from Musitronics Akkordeon (ID: 25 / Analog Synthesizer / Voices (ID: 22) / Eldek (ID: 21)

U220 Parameters

ENVELOPE a single 4-stages amplitude EG.

LFO  modulates only the amplitude with variable depth, delay time and 9 shapes: triangle, sinewave, square, saw up, saw down, trill (x2) and random (x2).  Special AUTOBEND function is a basic modulation for a pitch-warp effect, so it should be considered as another simpler LFO.

EFFECTS there are 2 main FX sections with limited edit parameters:
- reverb: 9 presets including hall, delay, room and gate 
- chorus: 5 presets including chorus, flanger and delay. 

MEMORY 64 patches + 64 performances  + 4 rhythm sets. MEMORY  is doubled if RAM card model Roland m-256 is fitted.

Roland U220 Specifications

Company: Roland

Class: digital rackmount module
Rack unit: 1 standard
DISPLAY: 24 x 2 backlit LCD
Synthesis: PCM samples with synthetic timbres
Country: Japan
Dates: 1989
Actual Price: 100€

Synthesis: PCM rompler
Wavetable: 3 mb Rom
ROM CARD SLOTS: 2 – compatible with SN-U110 
Polyphony: 30 voices
Multitimbric: 6 parts
LFO: 1 modulator
Midi: in out thru
Effects - Reverb, Delay, Chorus; arpeggiator
Memory: Patches: 64 + Timbres: 128 + Rhythm Setup
IC: P8098 CPU

OUTPUTS: 6 – 2 1/4′ L/R + 2 sets of 1/4′ L/R Direct 
Dimensions(LxWxH) :  19 x 14.1 x 1.8" (482 x 358 x 45 mm)
Weight : 9.7 lbs (4,4 kg)
Power W : 20 W

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