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Rega pre-amplifier has been designed to reproduce music effectively and easily. The Cursa 3 has been built to Rega’s discriminating standards of reliability and quality to ensure many years of musical enjoyment.

A pre-amplifier's function is to act as a control and switching unit for a variety of sources, and to boost the tiny signal generated by a cartridge, CD player, or other source to a level suitable for input into a power amplifier; which in turn boosts it to a higher level to drive the loudspeakers. It is vital that the amplifier achieves this without changing the signal, as this would distort the music. We have avoided superfluous gadgets such as tone controls or a headphone socket as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the produced sound quality.

The Rega amplifiers incorporate remarkable and innovative design ideas. For those interested in the technical details, these innovations are described more fully in this manual. Alternatively, you can simply switch on, sit back, and let your amplifier speak for itself...


Input sensitivity for rated output levels
Note - Factory setting of gain range level 2
CD, tuner, Line 1, line 2, Tape input sensitivity = 220mV Load, 10K Ohm
Phono input sensitivity (Moving Magnet) = 2.3mV Load 47K in parallel with 100pF
Phono input sensitivity (Moving Coil) = 175uV Load 100 Ohms in parallel with 4700pF
Pre-amp output level (with rated input levels)
Level 1 = 212mV @ 100 Ohms
Level 2 = 830mV @ 100 Ohms
Level 3 = 1.25V @ 100 Ohms
Maximum output level 8.8V
Pre-amp out 1&2 are connected in parallel.
The pre-amp output is DC coupled with full DC protection.
Volume control LED display & step data
Each step of the volume control = 1dB
Each LED represents = 4dB
Total control range = 80dB (20 LED's @ 4dB/LED)
Tape output (with rated input levels) = 215mV @ 560 Ohms
Power consumption = 7 Watts @ 230/115V
Phillips RC5 system number 16 (audio pre-amp)
Recommended operating temperature = 10 - 35°C

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