RCF SUB 9004-AS Single 18” high power active subwoofer, 1400W RMS - ( OPPEN BOX )

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 RCF SUB 9004-AS Single 18” high power active subwoofer, 1400W RMS - ( OPPEN BOX )


  • Description

    The black RCF SUB 9004-AS is an 18" 2800W active subwoofer designed to provide low-frequency reinforcement for A/V system installers, audio engineers, and DJs in outdoor environments or houses of worship, concert venues, and live stage applications. Its Class-D amplifier delivers 2800W of power to the 18" neodymium woofer, which produces a frequency response of 30 to 400 Hz and is hyper-vented for heat dissipation.

    32-bit DSP processing yields simple adjustment of input gain, delay, and crossover presets. RDNet control via EtherCon I/O allows comprehensive remote parameter control and system monitoring. XLR and powerCON inputs and outputs are employed for straightforward integration with standard PA components.

    The SUB 9004-AS boasts a sturdy wood cabinet, built-in carry handles, and M20 pole sockets for tour readiness.

    Low-Noise Electronics

    The Class-D amplifier integrates a low-noise, 32-bit DSP circuit, controlled through the RCF RDNet network to handle the clipping limiters, RMS limits, polarity, amplitude, timing, and equalization. All settings, monitoring, and advanced features are available inside the integrated RDNet Networked Management software. The rear-panel encoder adjusts volume, delay, and presets.

    Sturdy Cabinet

    The cabinet is made of high-quality birch plywood. Every layer is glued with a special water-resistant adhesive that makes the cabinet weatherproof. The sub is stackable and lightweight for easy setup and tear down. A pole receptacle on top and side allows the woofer to be deployed in various situations.

    Hyper-Vented Woofer

    In order to dissipate the heat generated by the powerful voice coil, RCF engineers have developed an internal ventilation system with low power compression. The Hyper Ventilation System is the result of a complex combination of ventilation ducts in the voice coil former, in the magnetic structure, and in the woofer's basket. Demodulation rings reduce the harmonic and intermodulation distortion due to voice coil displacement, and as input current varies, the system inductances are more linear. The cone is water-resistant.

    Vented Ports

    The airflow in the vented ports suffers the turbulence of the air due to the speed of air. The improved vented port is a proprietary solution that enhances aerodynamic behavior of the air, thereby gaining efficiency and reducing distortion.

    RDNet Control

    RDNet is a proprietary protocol that provides straightforward monitoring and intuitive control of the audio system down to every device and object. Each device has its own DSP, giving the possibility to address presets or parameters specific to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ, and advanced subwoofer configurations.

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