RCF Precision Transductors MB12N301 MID-BASS Woofer 8 OHM

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RCF Precision Transductors MB12N301 MID-BASS Woofer 8 OHM


  • 3.0-inch, fibreglass inside/outside copper voice coil
  • 1000 Watt continuous program power handling
  • 98.5dB Sensitivity
  • 50Hz –3.0KHz Frequency range
  • Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
  • M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry

The MB12N301 is a neodymium, high efficiency, 12” mid-bass. High sensitivity, excellent linearity and very high power handling capabilities. The magnetic structure is powered by a large neodymium magnet that provides an extremely high flux density in the gap. The new hyper-vented aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat dissipation and lower power compression. Special air-forced ventilations are provided for voice coil, magnet assembly and basket. M-roll surround and spider design offer great linearity and precise reproduction.


194 mm / 7.64 inches
364 mm / 14.33 inches
354 mm / 13.94 inches
4.2 kg / 9.26 lbs

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