RCF Digimod 1000 Power Supply

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RCF Digimod 1000 Power Supply


We could say that the DigiMod 1000 is the footprint of DigiMod Series: a powerful amp module, compact and lightweight 2-channel bridgeable amplifier with optional DSP integration, which premium audio quality and reliability is proven after several years "on the road" inside the powered products of top level loudspeaker brands.Able to deliver 2x500W on 4Ω and 1x1000W on 8Ω in bridged mode, the DigiMod 1000 can be the perfect solution for a great variety of applications: small to mid subwoofers, stage/studio monitors, 2-way cabinets and array elements as well as high power bass/guitar amplifiers.The versatility of the DigiMod can do even better: in fact, its power supply can drive the additional 2-channel output stage DigiMod 1000NPS, to become a multi-channel platform able to power 3-way loudspeakers or small PA systems "sub + satellites" where up to 1000W are needed for the low end.Even when used in combination with the DigiMod 1000NPS for up to 4-channel configuration, all the signals can be fully processed by only one of the optional DSP boards specifically designed by Powersoft for perfect interaction with DigiMod Series amplifier modules.

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