Rane RPE 228d Two Channel 1/3-Octave Programmable Digital Equalizer

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High Security Remote Control This equalizer is programmed by computer (PC compatible) via the RS-232 serial port. The computer may be removed after programming, or left connected to recall memories exclusively. As many as 16 units at a time may be daisy-chained. A recessed Default button on the rear panel recalls Memory 1 in case of computer failure
Interpolating Constant-Q Filters Each channel has 28 bands of 1/3-octave interpolating constant-Q filters for predictability and minimal interaction between bands. The boost/cut range is ±10 dB in 0.5 dB steps.The digital filters are designed to match the previously available analog RPE 228.
Low and Hi Cut Bandlimiting Filters Additional low and high cut filters have a wide adjustment range (Low Cut to 200 Hz and High Cut to 1 kHz).
16 Non-Volatile Memories No batteries are needed (EEPROM memory). The stored Memories may be recalled by remote switch contact closures (Memory Recall Port). The translation between the 8 closures and 16 Memories is programmable. Current settings are also non-volatile.
Separate Input & Output Level Controls ±12 dB range on input and output in 1 dB steps, with settings stored in each Memory.
Balanced Inputs & Cross-Coupled Outputs Euroblock terminals are used for audio (and remote switch recall) connections. Shield ground connections are to the chassis.
Firmware Updates via RW 232 The unit’s firmware may be replaced with new versions, uploaded from a computer through the serial port.
Shipping: Size 4.5" x 20.3" x 13.75"
Shipping Weight : 11 lb

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