Rane FRS 8 Remote Power Supply

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The Rane Model FRS 8 Remote Power Supply, designed specifically to power Rane Flex Series units, eliminates the need for the individual remote power supplies. Use of the vertically mounted, 2-space FRS 8 makes for a compact power supply solution and adds a master power switch to the Flex system when used in the FVR 10 rack. One FRS 8 powers a minimum of eight Flex units. When required, individual outputs of the FRS 8 may be combined to double the output current. Outputs from the FRS 8 may also be used to power other Rane products designed for remote AC input power that normally use the RS1 supply (e.g., SM 82, any MPE unit, GE 30, SM 26, AC 22/23, DC 24 etc.). Each of the 8 outputs is individually protected against overloads in excess of 650 milliamps (including short circuits); a problem on one output will not endanger the operation of the FRS 8. All protection devices are solid-state and self-resetting – no glass fuses are used. In addition, the FRS 8 is UL listed, cUL listed for Canada, Nemko approved, and meets IEC65/VDE0860 requirements. All units powered from an FRS 8 are exempt from agency safety approval.

  • 120vac 60hz Model Ul and Cul Listed
  • 230vac 50hz Model Meets Iec 65/Vde 0860
  • (8) Isolated 650ma Outputs
  • Self-Resetting Overload Protection
  • Solid-State Protected Outputs
  • No Glass Fuses
  • 100% Load Tested
  • All Steel Construction
  • Includes (8) Connecting Cables
Dimensions 10.5"H x 3.5"W x 5"D
Weight 9 lb

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