Rane ECM 82 Automatic Mic/Line Mixer #2238

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Each Mixer provides a digitally controlled analog 8-Input automatic mixer with an optional ECA 1 Echo Canceller. The ECB 62 Base supports up to 6 ECM 82 Mixers allowing up to 48 mic or line level Inputs. The ECM 82 communicates with the ECB 62 via the Expansion Data connection. Unlike other automatic mic mixers, each Input is programmable as either a Last-On or Gated Output. Only Inputs placed in the Last-On mode may become the Master Channel. All operating parameters are stored in the Base’s nonvolatile Memory and uploaded to the Mixers on power-up. The ECM 82 comes with an ECS interface cable, security cover, and daisy-chain power supply cable.

  • Eight channel Microphone/Line auto-mixer
  • Eight programmable Input Gates
  • One programmable Output Gate
  • Expansion Port for cascaded Mixers
  • Selectable Post- or Pre-Gate Mixed Output - all Mics, pre-Echo Canceller
  • Optional ECA 1 Echo Canceller module
  • Selectable NOMM function (Number Of Mics & Mixers)
  • Post- and Pre-gate Outputs for each Input
  • 12V Phantom Power selection for each Input
Parameter Specification
Frequency Response ±1
Input Impedance 1k
THD < 0.1
Signal-To-Noise >80
Maximum Gain 70
CMRR >60
Min and Max Input Levels 6 dB (-20 to +10) dBu 40 dB (-54 to -23) dBu 56 dB (-70 to -36)
Gate Attenuation 0 to -100
Attack time <10
Master and Release Timer .05 to 3
Phantom Power 12 V @ 10 ma
Mix Input Unbalanced 10k
E/C REF Input Unbalanced 47.5k
Pre- & Post-Gate, Mix Outputs Unbalanced 300
Aux Output Unbalanced 300
Automatic Adaptation Rate <5
Unit: Construction All Steel
.Size 1.75" H x 19" W x 8.5" D (1U)
.Weight 6 lb (w/o power supply
Shipping: Size 4.5" x 20.3" x 13.75"
Weight 11

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