Rane ECB62 Master Base Unit

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ECB 62 Base The ECB 62 is the master controller for the ECM 82 Mixers. There are 6 Ports on the internal audio bridge, with each Port consisting of a digitally selected 5 Input audio mixer. This configuration disallows the connection of an Input to its Output, avoiding possible feedback (except Port 5). Each Port Input also provides for a selective automatic Level control.

The ECB 62 can accomodate one to six ECM 82 Mixers (8 channel mic or line mixers) on Port 1. The five other Port Inputs allow any other line level audio signals. The programmable parameters for the ECS are stored in non-volatile Memory (no batteries).

  • Six port selective audio bridge with stereo expansion capability
  • Master processor for control, audio monitoring, & communications
  • System parameters stored in non-volatile memory
  • Computer-controlled Levels on all audio Inputs & Outputs
  • Hardware Input Level pads on Ports 2 thru 6
  • Automatic Level control on all Inputs
  • Port 1 Expansion Inputs accommodate six ECM 82 Mixers
  • Port 5 Input to Port 5 Output Capability
  • Control network communicates with other RW 232 products
  • Noise generator aids in Mic setup
  • Mono Output jumpers
  • Security cover included

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