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The CP 62 Commercial Processor is a switching/paging controller aimed at commercial establishments. The CP 62 forms the heart of typical sound systems found in restaurants, bars, health clubs and offices. Ease of use, compact size, low cost and straightforward installation are our top design priorities.

Four stereo Line Inputs can be separately assigned to two Zones—one mono, and one stereo/dual mono switchable. Individual Zone Ducker circuits provide local or remote telephone or microphone paging over background music. The Phone/Line and Mic Inputs have separate Level, Ducker Sensitivity and Depth controls, and may be prioritized and assigned to either or both Zones.

Three levels of priority can be assigned to the Inputs. For instance, background music can be playing through one of input Lines 1-3. For example, a jukebox is connected to the Line 4/Priority Input and someone drops a quarter (dollar?) in it, the jukebox is automatically selected when the CP 62 receives the audio signal. If a signal is received from the paging microphone, the music ducks temporarily to accomodate the page. An internal jumper can prioritize Phone/Line over Mic or vice versa. When the Line 4/Priority Input signal ceases for 30 seconds, the CP 62 automatically switches back to the previously assigned Input, and volume is slowly faded back via automatic circuitry.

Additionally, each Zone has a ±12 dB, 7-band graphic EQ. Levels and source selection are controlled by either the front panel or by wired remote control(s). Simple potentiometers and contact closures remotely control VCAs in the CP 62. No audio passes through the remote control units.

Rear panel Maximum Output controls can be set to prevent system overload, assuring employees a sense of decorum at all times in finer establishments. The front panel has a user-friendly layout in a single-space 19" rack-mount package.

  • Four Stereo Line Inputs
  • Two Zone Outputs
  • Automatic Priority Input
  • Mic & Line Paging with Ducking
  • ±12 Db 7-Band Graphic Eq for Each Zone
  • Inserts for Each Zone
  • Maximum Output Controls
  • Cpr 1 Remote Paging Zone Assign Switch Available
  • Cpr 2 Remote Source Selection & Volume Control Available
  • Ul/Csa/Tuv/Ce Emc Approved Power Supply


4.25" x 20.3" x 13.75"
Weight 9lb

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