Rane CP31 Line Mixer Commercial Processor

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The CP 31 is a single-page, single-zone stereo or dual- mono commercial preamplifier for the small restaurant, lounge, retail boutique, small office or manufacturing facility. System designers now have three choices in Commercial Processors from Rane to fulfill their paging needs – the CP 31 and its bigger brothers the CP 52 & CP 64. The CP 31 provides Page Ducking for its single stereo Program Input. One stereo or two completely independent mono Zones are served. The Page signal can be independently assigned to either of the two Outputs. The Paging Input section includes a balanced Euroblock Input connector, Mic/Line switch, Trim control, ganged/ switchable High/Low Cut Filters (fixed at 100 Hz & 7 kHz), gating with adjustable Detect Threshold, Active and Overload LEDs, Page Assign (Off, A, B or Both) and independent Page Levels for the two Outputs, A & B. The Page signal is summed “post-zone level” as shipped from the factory, so Paging levels remain independent of the Zone Output Level. Internal Paging Pre/Post Zone Level switches allow the Paging signal to be summed pre-Zone Level for mic/line mixing. The Program Input section includes a stereo RCA (unbal- anced) Input, Mono switch, and Level trims. The Zone Output section features adjustable Ducker Depth with an On/Off switch independent for each program input. The Zone Outputs have independent front panel Level controls and 3 segment level meters. The Expand output allows Page or mono Program signals to feed an additional location or device for system expansion. The Expand Output has its own rear panel Level trim. The CP 31 is the least complex and least expensive of Rane’s Paging products which include the CP 52 and CP 64. The CP 31 is also perfect for zone expansion of Rane CP- based systems. Simply connect the CP 52 or CP 64 Page or Program Expand Outputs to a CP 31 to add an extra Zone (with its own page, program, both or neither).
  • Gated Paging Circuit Features
  • Mic/Line Selection with Gain Trim 
  • High and Low Cut Filter Switch 
  • Adjustable Detector Threshold with Active LED 
  • Independent Paging Level Controls Zone Output Features 
  • Level Control • Ducker On/Off with Depth Control Special Features 
  • Page Initiated Program Ducking 
  • Page/Program Expansion with Level Control 
  • UL/CSA/CE and 100/120/230 VAC Remote Power Supplies
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