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A line of amplifiers that defines high impact. Up to 3,400 watts in a 2 rack-unit chassis that's only 13 in. deep and 21 lbs. It includes the exclusive PowerWave Technology used in the award-winning PowerLightÈ Series for chest-pounding bass and crystal-clear highs. It also features hum-free noise floor and ultra-low distortion of .03% THD. To keep the PLX series running under the most demanding conditions, the Advanced Thermal Management System has been added. PLXs offer the reliability of a company that's been building professional amplifiers for over 30 years.

With PowerWave technology, the PLX Series takes your music to a whole new level. Not only does it deliver bigger bass and cleaner highs, PowerWave also cuts wasted heat and boosts reliability. PowerWave is a switching power supply that provides ample current to the audio power circuitry by charging the supply rails 230,000 times a second through and ultra-low impedance circuit.

Unlike other amps with conventional supplies, the audio signal is never starved prematurely and remains crisp and clean. It virtually eliminates hum and greatly reduces noise, providing a vast dynamic range that can handle any music without running out of headroom. The Advanced Thermal Management system ensures PLXs run cool and reliable even under harsh conditions. Using a high-output variable speed fan, ATM pulls cool air from the rear of the amp and propels it through a heat shroud precision-fitted to flow air over the heat sinks and out of the amplifier.

Watts Stereo Mode
(both channels driven)
8 ohms 20 Hz-20 kHz 0.03% THD 700W
4 ohms 20 Hz-20 kHz 0.05% THD 1100W
2 ohms 1 kHz 1% THD 1700W

Watts Bridge Mono Mode
16 ohms 20 Hz-20 kHz 0.01% THD: 1400W
8 ohms 20 Hz-20 kHz 0.01% THD: 2200W
4 ohms 1 kHz 1% THD: 3400W

Noise (20 Hz-20 kHz): <-1.7 dB

Input Sensitivity @ 8 ohms: 1.9 Vrms
Input Sensitivity @ 4 ohms: 1.7 Vrms

Output Circuitry: 2-Step

Power Requirements (1/8 power pink noise @ 4ohms): 12A

Distortion (SMPTE-IM) Less than 0.01%
Distortion (typical) 20 Hz-20 KHz (10 dB below rated power 1.0 kHz and below full rated power: Less than 0.01% THD

Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz, ± 0.2 dB/8 Hz-50 kHz, +0, -3 dB

Damping Factor: greater than 500

Input Impedance: 6 K ohms unbalanced, 12 K ohms balanced

Input Clipping: 10 Vrms (+22dB)

Cooling: Variable-speed fan, rear-to-front air flow

Connectors: (each channel) Input: 3-pin XLR and 1/4 in. TRS balanced

Output: Neutrik Speakon and touch-proof binding posts

Amplifier Protection: Full short circuit, open circuit, thermal, ultrasonic, and protection

Stable into reactive or mismatched loads.

Load Protection On/off muting, DC-fault power supply shutdown

Dimensions: 19 in. (48.3cm) rack mounting, 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) tall (2 rack spaces), 13.25 in. (33.7 cm) deep (from front mounting rails)

Gain: 40x (32 dB)

Weight: 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) net

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