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The U46MK2 is a high quality portable USB Audio Interface for DJ's, Producers, and Musicians on the run. It is compatible with many major DJ and music production applications.
The U46MKII is more than just a standard 4-IN/6-OUT interface: it features a mix output, headphone output, mic input, and instrument input. It can also get power from most computers via the USB port, eliminating the need for an external power supply. Cross LE and Vinyl Ripper software included. The U46MKII is Core Audio and ASIO Compatible; whether you are a MAC or a PC, the U46MKII is right for you!

-Designed for DJs and musicians, offers various input/output configurations
-Use the RCA line/phono inputs to connect your turntables
-Mic input with +48V phantom power and gain control
-Hi-Z input designed for guitar or bass recording
-6 line level analog outputs allow you to connect various external devices, even a 5.1 DVD surround system.
-Includes MixVibes CROSS LE and Vinyl Ripper software

Technical specs

- USB Spec Ver1.1, USB Audio Class Spec Ver1.0

Analog Input Specifications
- 4 Channel Analog input / Line, Phono, Mic, Hi-Z input support
- Line Input Level: -10dBV Unbalanced Nominal level, +6dBV Maximum level
- Input Impedance - Line: 10K ohm
Phono: 47K ohm and 200pF
MIC: 6.8K ohm
Hi-Z: 200K ohm or better
- +48V Phantom power support for Microphone input

Analog Output Specifications
- 6 Channel Analog output and Mix output
- Line Output Level: -10dBV Unbalanced Nominal level, +6dBV Maximum level
- Output Impedance: 100 ohms

ADC Specifications
- Dynamic Range: 85dB A-Weighted (Typical)
- Frequency Response: 20 20 kHz (+/- 0.25dB MAX, @ fs=48 kHz)
- Resolution: 18 Bits

DAC Specifications
- Dynamic Range: 87dB A-Weighted (Typical)
- Frequency Response: 20 20 kHz ((+/- 0.25dB MAX, @ fs=48 kHz)
- Resolution: 20 Bits

Headphone Amp Specifications
- Output Power: 125mW Max @ 32 ohm
- Recommended Load Impedance: 32 300 ohm

Power Specifications
- Power consumption: 2.5W (Typical)
- USB Bus powered (500mA Maximum) and DC +9V/500mA Adapter support

Software Specifications

• Core Duo 1.6 GHz processor or better.
• 1 GB RAM.
• Service Pack 1 or higher
• Available USB Port
• Hard disk space for music

• 1 GB RAM
• OSX 10.4.11 or higher.
• Hard disk space for music

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