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The Meyer Sound 650-R2 is a high-power subwoofer loudspeaker designed to extend the power bandwidth of Meyer Sound reinforcement systems to 30 Hz. The system consists of two 18-inch cone drivers in a heavily braced 14 cu. ft. vented enclosure. The dimensions of the cabinet are submultiples of 90", the U.S. internal truck width standard. The cabinet is fitted with handles and high-density rubber casters.

The 650-R2 is designed to be operated as a system with the Meyer Sound B-2EX Control Electronics Unit. The B-2EX comprises electronic crossover, Meyer Sound exclusive SpeakerSense™ driver protection circuitry, and amplitude and phase response alignment circuitry optimized for the loudspeaker.

650-R2 Loudspeaker
Driver Complement Two MS-18 18" cone driver, 8 ohms each
Enclosure 14 cu. ft. vented, multi-ply Finnish Birch
Finish Black textured, carpeted or weather protected (optional)
Physical Dimensions 45"H x 30"W x 22"D
Weight 176 lbs (79.8 kg)
Protective Grill Perforated steel screen, charcoal-gray foam covering
Connector EP-4 male
Wheels Two 3" diameter rubber tread rigid self-lube casters

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