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The fP 2400Q is a lightweight and space-saving power amplifier, ideal for use in high quality touring sound systems as well as in demanding permanent installations.
The fP 2400Q offers a choice of applications, such as in multi-channel monitor systems, four-channel reproduction and compact amplification in active 2-, 3-, and 4-way systems.
The fP 2400Q gives the possibility to bridge connect one or two of the two pairs of channels (channel A and B and/or channel C and D).
It also features Lab.gruppen’s unique power matching solution, the MLS switch, which
offers endless combinations for solving most of the problems related to different impedances and maximum power capacities of loudspeakers.
The latest semiconductor technology is utilized in the new ferrite Power (fP) amplifiers. This, together with Lab.gruppen’s proprietary copper cooling system, Intercooler®, enhances the 2 ohms capability. Two easily accessible dust filters on the front ensure a clean front-torear airflow. A new Bi-phase wiring scheme also increases the capacity of the switch mode power suppply. This extends the power bandwidth in the low end.
Besides the traditionally superb Lab.gruppen sonic performance, there is a full line of features to make the fP family functional in all situations from installation to high performance live sound systems:
Regulated switch mode power supply
Today there are many lightweight, switch-mode amplifiers in the market. However, the unique Lab.gruppen switch-mode power supply technology offers a number of essential advantages that make it superior to other and seemingly similar power supply designs. The most
important features are the regulated power supply and the extreme power efficiency. The regulated power supply easily deals with a very high variation in the AC mains voltage: it can drop by up to 20% below its nominal level – e.g. to 180 V (90 V) instead of 230 V (115 V) – without any problem. Perhaps even greater benefits result from the extreme efficiency of Lab.gruppen amplifiers: only a fraction of the energy from the AC mains is turned into heat. A regulated power supply also presents some other sonic advantages, such as better cone control and the same fast response as a conventional power supply.
Sophisticated protection circuitry, combining:
– ALS™ short circuit protection; the Adaptive Limiting System permits very high peak
currents, but keeps the amplifier within the Safe Operation Area.
– DC protection; protects against infrasonic signals.
– VHF protection; protects the loudspeakers against strong very high frequency non-musical signals above the audible range.
– Thermal protection; prevents the amplifier from being overheated. The protection indicators on the front panel are switched on, as a warning, before the protection process is initiated.
– AC protection; shuts down the power supply if the line voltage is outside the operating voltage.
– Clip limiter; prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching the loudspeakers, whilst maintaining full peak power

Max output voltage 8 ohms load 40 Vrms
Peak voltage, no load 60 V
Hum and Noise <-110 dB
Channel separation @10kHz 70 dB
Output impedance 30 mΩ
Slew Rate 60 V/µs
Gain 32 dB
Impedance 20 kohm
Common mode rejection 50 dB
Input connectors (4) Neutrik Combo XLR type, 3 pin & 1/4” jack
Output connectors (4) Neutrik 4-pole Speakon connec
Operation voltage 130 V-265 V AC
Minimum start voltage 175 V
Full output power at 4ohms 200 V-265 V AC
MAX Output Power (Per Four Channels)
2 Ohms 500 2), 650 3) W
4 Ohms 380 W
8 Ohms 200 W
16 Ohms 95 W
MAX Output Power (Bridged)
4 Ohms 760 W
8 Ohms 760 W
16 Ohms 380 W
Product Weight 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
Dimensions 483 (19”) W x 88 (3,5”) H x 316 (12,4”) D

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