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Lab Gruppen E series amplifiers have been manufactured and designed for installations in retail, education, restaurants and offices, where high quality and high energy-efficiency is required. These Class-D amplifiers each have a temperature-controlled fan that turns off when only low-level signals are detected, helping the amplifier comply with Energy Star efficiency certifications.

The rear panel houses all input and output connectivity and setting controls, with three-pole detachable screw terminal block connectors for inputs and outputs The output connectors can accommodate cable of up to 4 mm square cross section. Attenuators with a range of infinity to 0dB can be manually adjusted to affect the channel gain, and a high-pass filter can be switched on/off to insert a 50Hz filter before the output stage. A power button can be momentarily depressed to change the power state from standby to on with a multi-coloured LED indicator showing amber for automatic standby status, red for forced standby status, and green for power on. A single IEC power inlet provides 100-240VAC power to the amplifier.

The 1U high front panel is used for power amplifier and channel status indication. A bi-colour LED illuminates green when power is on and amber when the amplifier is currently in standby mode. A 'TEMP' LED flashes amber to indicate excessive temperature in the power supply section or output stages. When the temperature exceeds the 'danger' threshold, the LED turns to constant amber illumination and the amplifier self-mutes. Green LEDs, one per channel, indicate an input signal in excess of the signal present threshold and a second LED per channel illuminates when the amplifiers limiting stage is engaged.

Number of amplifier channels


Max total output all channels driven

400 W

Peak output voltage per channel

100 V / 70 Vrms

Max. output current

11 Arms

Max output power (all channels driven)
2 ohms

200 W

4 ohms

200 W

8 ohms

200 W (requires the “70 V” mode for the RSL. “Lo-Z” gives 100 W)

16 ohms

200 W (requires the “70 V” mode for the RSL, “Lo-Z” gives 50 W)

70 V

200 W

100 V

Can deliver 200 W to a 100 V load tapped at 400 W

THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz at 1 W


THD at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping


Signal to Noise Ratio

>112 dBA

Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz

>70 dB

Frequency Response

2 Hz - 40 kHz

Input impedance

20 kOhm

Common Mode Rejection (CMR)

50 dB

Output impedance

25 mOhm

Gain, Sensitivity and Limiters
Limit and gain switch defining limit and gain (per channel)

2 pos: Lo-Z and 70 V

VPL for 70 V mode

100 V

VPL for Lo-Z mode

40 V

Sensitivity for stated power into 4 Ohm in Lo-Z mode

4 dBu

Sensitivity for 70.7 V out in 70 V mode

4 dBu

Sensitivity for stated power into 2 Ohm in Lo-Z mode

1 dBu

Sensitivity for stated power into 8 Ohm in 70 V mode

-0.9 dBu

Sensitivity for stated power into 16 Ohm in 70 V mode

2.1 dBu

Gain in 70 V mode

35.2 dB

Gain in Lo-Z mode

27.2 dB

Level adjustment (per channel)

Rear panel potentiometer, from -inf to 0 dB

Connectors and Buttons
Input connectors (per ch.)

3 - pin detachable screw terminals, electronically balanced

Output connectors (per ch.)

2 - pin detachable screw terminals

High pass filter

Fixed at 50 Hz, switchable per channel

Power control

Can be used to go between standby and ON

GPI (power control input)

Contact closure type, 2-pin detachable screw terminal, controls the power state

GPO (power state output)

Contact closure type, 2-pin detachable screw terminal, for external monitoring of the power state


Single fan, front to rear airflow, no filter required, temperature controlled speed

Nominal voltage

100 – 240 VAC

Operating voltage

70 – 265 VAC

Standby consumption

<1 W

Mains connector

IEC inlet


W: 483 mm (19”), H: 44 mm (1 U), D: 276 mm (10.9”)


4.2 kg (9.3 lbs)

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