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The Korg Zero 4 Digital DJ Mixer is designed to handle the demands of professional digital and traditional DJs with features that are well suited for project, remix and production studio recording. Four input channels are equipped with balanced 1/4" phone line, unbalanced line and phono inputs for maximum flexibility and integration with CD players, turntables, MIDI gear, turntables, etc.

The powerful FireWire I/O is capable of supporting up to 24-bit / 192kHz digital audio and provide MIDI control over software parameters. Also featured are MIDI input and output ports for connecting keyboards and other MIDI hardware. All this makes the Korg Zero 4 a viable audio front-end for any Mac or Windows based computer workstation.

Its DJ features are equally impressive with a powerful, digital three-band EQ on each channel, and a full compliment of digital effects within reach. The output section features both balanced XLR and 1/4" phone analog outputs, unbalanced RCA outputs and S/PDIF digital output. All this in a compact, intuitive design that is guaranteed to please professional purist DJs and modern digital DJs alike.

Powerful FireWire Support

The powerful FireWire I/O is capable of supporting up to 24-bit / 192kHz digital audio and provide MIDI control over software parameters.

Internal Effects

Among some of the effects are Filter, Phasing, Delay, LFO, Pitch Shift and Tape Echo.

Digital Three-Band EQ Section

Providing an EQ section with eleven different simulation types; they cover needs ranging from corrective equalization to boldly creative sound-shaping.
Total # Of Channels 4
Input Connectors Balanced Line: L/R 1/4" Phone x4
Unbalanced Line: L/R RCA Phono CD/Line x4
Phono: L/R RCA Phono Turntable x4
Mic: 1/4" & XLR Combi-connector
MIDI Input: 8-pin Din-Connection
FireWire I/O
Output Connectors Master: L/R Balanced XLR
Record: L/R RCA Phono
Booth (Monitor): L/R 1/4" Phone
Headphone: 1/4" Phone TRS
MIDI Output: 8-pin Din-Connection
Signal to Noise Ratio 93 dB (typical) @ IHF-A
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz +/-1 dB, -2dB @ fs 44.1kHz
10Hz - 21kHz +/-1 dB @ fs 48kHz
10Hz - 40kHz +/-1 dB @ fs 96kHz
15Hz - 50kHz +/-1 dB @ 192 kHz
EQ Section Three Band Digital
Power AC Local Voltage via Three-Pronged IECC13 Power Cable (Model D8B5518003B)
Dimensions 11.81 x 15.83 x 4.13" (300 x 402 x 105mm)
Weight 12.13lbs (5.5kg)

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