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The AX100G is divided into three modes:

Program mode, Effect Select mode, and Phrase Trainer mode.
Program mode
In this mode you can select programs and use the AX100G for normal performance.
Use the foot switches (UP, DOWN) to select programs.
Immediately after the power is turned on, the AX100G will always be in this mode. With the factory settings, the User programs contain the same programs as the Preset programs.
Effect Select mode
In this mode you can use the foot switches UP or DOWN to switch the drive amp channel*1 ,Modulation effect or Ambience effect on/off.
Programs cannot be selected in this mode. Use Program mode to select programs.
*1 The AX100G provides two (A and B) Drive (distortion) Amp Effects so that you can switch between settings such as backing and solo without having to change programs.
Phrase Trainer mode
This mode allows you to record a phrase from a CD or MD connected to the AUX IN jack, and play it back as a repeated loop that you can practice along with.
Since you can slow down the playback speed without affecting the pitch, this is a convenient way to learn or practice difficult phrases.

  • Korg’s modeling technology provides detailed and powerful modeling sounds.
  • 63 modeling effect variations are built-in, and up to 7 effects and rhythm sounds sources can be used simultaneously.
  • Forty preset programs (4 x 10 banks) and forty rewritable user programs (4 x 10 banks) are built-in.
  • In Effect Select mode you can use a foot switch to change the drive amp channel or turn the Modulation effect or Ambience
  • effect on/off.
  • Virtual Feedbacker lets you sustain a note on your guitar and generate feedback with vibrato
  • You can use the expression pedal to control 23 types of Pedal effect in realtime.
  • When using the delay effect, you can automatically set the delay time by pressing the TAP switch to the rhythm of the
  • song you are playing.
  • The Phrase Trainer function lets you record up to 8 seconds of sound from an audio device, and play it back at a slower speed
  • without changing the pitch.
  • The Sample & Play function lets you record a phrase for a maximum of 6 seconds, and use the expression pedal for
  • phrase play back.
  • 7 point LED pedal indicator 50 different rhythm patterns and a metronome are built-in for convenient practicing.
  • Built in tuner mute function for on stage silent tuning.
  • An AUX IN jack is provided allowing for connection to an external audio source (CD player, cassette tape deck, etc) for play along purposes.
  • Use the auto chromatic tuner to tune your instrument when the AX100G is bypassed or muted.
  • The LCD (multi-display) features an intuitive visual interface.
  • The LCD is backlit for easy visibility even in dark locations

Main specifications
Number of effects: 63 types (maximum number of effects that can be used simultaneously: 7)
Number of programs: 80 (40 preset, 40 user)
Inputs: Guitar input (mono) AUX IN (stereo mini jack)
Outputs: Line/Headphone dual-purpose output (stereo phone jack)
Tuner section
Detection range: 27.5 Hz — 2,093 Hz (A0—C7)
Calibration: A=438—445 Hz
Rhythm section
Pattern: 50 types
Tempo: bpm= 40—208
Power supply:
four AA size (LR6) alkaline batteries (battery life is 12 hours of continuous use) or separately sold AC adapter (DC9V )
329.6(W) x 181.5 (D) x 57.5 (H) mm
1.05kg (not including batteries)

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