JBL 4893 High Power Compact Subwoofer System 1400W 14" - USED

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Array Series Systems

JBL’s commitment of providing audio professionals the best tools for their work continues with the Array Series. JBL Array Series systems provide the ultimate performance for touring and fixed installations. The high power, compact 4893 provides smooth, tight response from both a single box and arrays of multiple boxes. It combines ease of transport with the flexibility to fly or install quickly and safely. Common dimensions of width and depth (height for 4894) allow easy integration with other Array Series systems to provide clearly superior performance. Reliability is designed in without having to rely on intrusive signal processing

Array Series builds upon a solid foundation: more than 40 years of JBL transducer expertise and engineering. The 355 mm (14 in) low frequency transducer uses Vented Gap Cooling (VGC™)¹ to provide accurate reproduction at high power levels with minimal power compression. Computer aided analysis of JBL’s Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) has allowed JBL engineers to optimize the magnetic structure to reduce both weight and harmonic distortion. A new cone design greatly improves cone strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio through use of a new glass fiber/paper composite material.

Frequency Response (±3 dB)¹ 38 Hz - 400 Hz
Sensitivity 98 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Recommended Amplifier Powers 600 W @ 8 ohms each transducer, 1200 W total
Nominal Coverage Array Dependent
Nominal Diameter 355 mm (14 in)
Nominal Impedance Two Transducers with separate pinouts, 8 ohms each
Power Rating 600 W AES each transducer, 50 Hz to 500 Hz, 1200 W AES total system; 2400 W peak each transducer, 4800 W peak total system
Voice Coil 100 mm (4 in) edgewound aluminum ribbon
Magnet Assembly Linear SFG motor structure, Vented Gap Cooling
Type Vented, Rectangular
Material 19 mm (¾ in), 13 ply hardwood
Flying System S.A.F.E. — JBL proprietary, modular, certified
Finish Black textured paint
Grille 16 ga. perforated steel, foam backed
Connectors Parallel 8 pin Neutrik - pins l+ ,2+ LFl, pins l-, 2- LF2
Dimensions 1066 x 394 x 362 mm HxWx D (42x15½x14¼in)
Net Weight 45.5 kg (100 lb)

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