FBT VERVE 15MA 450W Professional Active Stage Monitor 15" - DEMO

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The FBT Verve 15MA is a touring quality monitor, loaded with B&C Drivers, birch ply construction, 15inch + 1inch coaxial, 55Hz - 20KHz ( at -6dB ), 350W LF + 100W HF bi-amped, peak output 125.5dB

2-way, bass-reflex, co-axial bi-amplified speaker system.

1 x 15” (2.5” VC) B&C® woofer.

1 x 1” exit (1.7” VC) B&C® compression driver for 15Ma coaxial mount.

90°H x 90°V horn.

350W rms Class G woofer amplifier.

100W rms Class G hf amplifier.

11-layer birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure (15mm / 0.59”). 45°monitor taper.

Advanced protection circuits with dynamic equalization of the low frequencies and limiter.

High S/N ratio, 24dB/oct active filters for the preamp section.

Control panel with: ground-Lift, XLR input and output, 2-band equalization (High/Low), limiter and protection leds, volume control.

3 x M10 rigging points, 35mm Ø (1.38”) top-hat for speaker stand and wall bracket mount flange, metal carrying handles.

Exceptional dispersion coherence in the whole coverage angle, high SPL and accurate sound reproduction make these VERVE speakers ideal for permanent installations, live sound events, and stage monitoring applications. 

Reduced total weight due to incorporation of neodymium components, the latest built-in power amplifier technology, switch mode power supplies and a light polypropylene horn

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