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With this mixer, the SMAC philosophy reaches its purest expression, because it has all the elements that a professioanal DJ needs and some of the ones he will in an inmediate future, according to the newest and latest trends in DJ mixing.

The SMAC 42 is also suitable, in addition, to a broad variety of applications that can go from 'dance clubs' to 'home studios', not forgetting about multimedia. This is possible with its 4 channels with multiple input possibilities: not less than 8, and the use of specially crafted and selected components, capable of handling the craziest night.

On all Ecler mixers the input selector is a lever switch to toggle between the inputs.


 4+1 Channel Stereo Mixer
 3 Band EQ (-20dB - +10dB)
 Double VU Meter (left is output, right is cue-ed channel(s)
 Stanton Vibemaster output
 Mix Monitor Cue, mixes Cue and Master


 8 Inputs : 3 Phono(RCA), 4 Line(RCA), 1 Microphone (XLR)
 3 Outputs : Master(RCA), Record(RCA), Booth(RCA)

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