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The DPR-404 is a compact and professional four channel compressor and deesser. Based on the well established BSS subtractive gain reduction principle, it offers you four independent channels of high quality, musical compression and high frequency de-essing, with the minimum of operator controls. Designed to be quick and easy to operate by both skilled and novice engineers alike, it makes a compact economical alternative to the fully featured DPR-402 model.

The DPR-404 is the natural complement to the well established DPR-402 unit and will find many applications within professional audio where ease of operation is considered important along with lower cost without sacrifice to quality and musicality. Some of the important features to be found on each channel of the DPR-404 are:

  • 30dB of gain reduction using BSS proprietary subtractive approach.

  • Fully adjustable soft knee ratio up to 20:1 hard limit.

  • Automatic adjustment of time constants with two user definable ranges.

  • Output gain adjustment control with LED clip indicator. BSS proprietary activity meter showing below threshold signal level, gain reduction and usable range.

  • Bypass in/out switching with LED indicator. Independent high frequency deesser threshold control and tuneable filter allows selective de-essing simultaneously with compression.

  • Twin LEDs show de-ess activity.

  • Link switching allows adjacent channels to be linked for accurate stereo working.

  • One DPR-404 can be selected to process two stereo channels, or one stereo channel and two independent mono channels, or four independent mono channels.

  • Compressor side chain insert on rear panel 1/4" RTS jack. Electronically balanced inputs and outputs with optional transformer balancing.


Input section 12k ohm electronically balanced, +20dBu (+20dBv) maximum input level via a 3 pin male XLR cable plug. Common Mode rejection: > -50dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Input section Electronically balanced and floating, capable of driving +20dBu (+20dBv) into 600 ohms or greater via an XLR female cable plug.
Frequency response: +/- 0.5dB, 20Hz to 20kHz (Low pass at 29kHz)
Noise: <-86dBu, all controls set flat, 22Hz - 22kHz
Distortion: Unity gain +10dBv output, no compression
THD: < 0.05% (20Hz-20kHz)
IMD: < 0.02% (SMPTE method)
Input section
Threshold Range: +20dBv to -30dBv continuously variable
Ratio: 1:1 to 20:1 continuously variable (Soft knee for low values with hard limit at 20:1)
Maximum Range: 30dB
Attack Time: Normal: Program dependent, with 200uS for fast transient overdrives.

Fast: Program dependent, with 20uS for fast transient overdrives.
Release Time: Normal: Typically 10 mSecs for 63% recovery from a 10dB 4mSecs overdrive, and 1 Sec for 10dB 40 mSec

Fast: Typically 2 mSecs for 63% recovery from a 10dB 4mSecs overdrive, and 300 mSec for 10dB 40 mSec
Output section
Threshold Range: +20dBv to -30dBv continuously variable
Ratio: 20:1 at and above twice the set frequency
Freq Range: 1kHz to 10kHz continuously variable. Attack times are those as measured to achieve 63% of final gain reduction with a step signal of 8dB above threshold. Release times are those as measured to achieve 63% recovery of open gain or removal of a signal 8dB above threshold. The frequency at which 3dB of gain reduction occurs for 10dB of signal drive above threshold. 10dB of gain reduction will occur at and above twice this frequency
Metering: 13 way dB calibrated LED meter display showing signal level below threshold, threshold point and gain reduction
Stereo Link: Front panel switch selects Channels 1/2 and 3/4 to become stereo pairs. Channel 1 and channel 3 assume master function for their pair. Side chain control signal is mono summed
Side chain insert: Rear panel RTS jack accesses side chain for inserting other equipment at line level. Connections are: Ring: Signal output from 470 ohms source Tip: Return input into 10kohms Sleeve: 0v ground
Power: AC 50/60Hz 120v/240v switched externally giving operation range of 90-132v and 180-264v. Anchored 2m power cord
Size: 19” x 1U x 11.10
Weight: 4.1kg gross shipping

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