Bose PowerShare PS404A Adaptable Power Amplifier 4 x 100W Low/High imp. Power Amplifier w/ Dual Feedback Loop System, Integrated DSP, 24-ch. rAmpLink I/O, and Auto-Standby- DEMO

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Bose PowerShare PS404A adaptable power amplifier delivers 400 watts for fixed-install applications. Through patented technology, total amplifier power is shared across all output channels, allowing installers the freedom to utilize power where needed. With support for both low- and high-impedance loads up to 100V, PowerShare amplifiers adapt to a wide range of applications. Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers eliminate the need for an additional signal processor in many installations, while outstanding audio performance and reliability are assured with patented technologies inherited from the field-proven PowerMatch® line. With the inclusion of AmpLink, up to 24 digital audio channels can be sent to the amp from a Bose DSP via a shielded CAT 5 cable. This unique set of features and technologies makes PowerShare one of the most versatile high-performance amplifiers available.

  • Patented PowerShare technology
  • Load-independent outputs
  • Dual feedback loop system
  • Integrated loudspeaker processing with optional PowerShare editor configuration
  • ControlCenter zone controller accessories
  • Designed to save power consumption when not in use
  • Applications:
  • Performing arts venues
  • Houses of worship
  • Conference centers
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hospitality venues

Adaptable Power Amplifier for Fixed Installs

The Bose PowerShare PS404A sets a new standard for fixed-install applications. This 400-watt amplifier boasts patented technology that shares its total power across all of its output channels, enabling installers the freedom to utilize power where it’s needed. This flexible power amplifier supports both low- and high-impedance operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Benefit from top-shelf sound and rock-solid performance, thanks to Bose’s field-proven Dual Feedback Loop system, while integrated DSP gives you studio-quality sound without the need for external processing. You also get AmpLink, which routes 24 channels of uncompressed, near-zero-latency digital audio between Bose DSPs and the PS404A over a single Cat 5 cable. An Auto-Standby feature rounds out the PowerShare PS404A’s impressive features.

PowerShare technology ensures maximum system flexibility

Thanks to Bose’s patented PowerShare technology, the PS404A shares its 400 watts asymmetrically across all of its outputs, allowing each output to deliver the amplifier’s full power. Rather than forcing you to select power based on the needs of your setup’s largest zone, the PowerShare PS404A enables you to use its total power in every application. This gives you flexibility during the initial system design, and allows you to make changes later that take advantage of surplus power.

Dual Feedback Loop system offers great sound and rock-solid performance

At Sweetwater, we’ve always appreciated the Dual Feedback Loop system employed by Bose’s PowerMatch amplifiers. The PowerShare PS404A uses that same field-proven technology, maximizing its performance and reliability with continuous monitoring and control of the amplifier’s current and voltage. With the PS404A, you’ll benefit from improved linearity and lower distortion, plus rock-solid protection for your speakers.

Integrated DSP gives you studio-quality sound

Need digital signal processing? The Bose PowerShare PS404A delivers the goods with EQs, 9-band PEQs, matrix mixing, crossover, delay, and mute/output polarity. Take real-time selection and control of your DSP via PowerShare Editor Software, along with easy recall of loudspeaker equalization and protection settings for each output channel. With the PS404A, achieving studio-quality sound is a breeze — no external signal processing required.

Bose PowerShare PS404A Adaptable Power Amplifier Features:

  • 400W power amplifier that’s tailor-made for fixed installs
  • PowerShare technology shares full 400W across all output channels
  • Supports both low- and high-impedance operation for maximum flexibility
  • Field-proven Dual Feedback Loop system ensures top-shelf sound and rock-solid performance
  • Integrated DSP yields studio-quality sound without the need for external processing
  • PowerShare Editor Software enables real-time selection and control of your DSP
  • AmpLink routes 24 channels of uncompressed, near-zero-latency digital audio over a single Cat 5 cable
  • Auto-Standby offers excellent energy efficiency


Power Rating
Amplifier Power 4 x 100 W (THD+N < 0.04%, 1 kHz, 4-8 Ω, 70/100V)
Maximum Power per Channel 400 W @ 4-8 Ω, 70/100V
Gain (Low-Z mode) 30.2 dB
Gain (70V mode) 35.0 dB
Gain (100V mode) 38.0 dB
Audio Performance
Frequency Response 4-8 Ω: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB @ 1 W); 70/100V: Same as 4-8 Ω with 50 Hz high-pass filter
Channel Separation (Crosstalk) > 85 dB @ 1 kHz, > 65 dB @ 20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 100 dB (at rated power, A-weighted)
Audio Inputs
Input Channels Analog: 4 balanced
AmpLink: 24 digital
Connectors Analog: 12-pin Euroblock
AmpLink: RJ-45 (input)
Input Impedance Analog: 20 kΩ
Maximum Input Level Analog: 20 dBu (at 12 dBu sensitivity setting)
Sensitivity Analog: 4 / 12 dBu (low / high sensitivity)
Audio Outputs
Outputs Analog: 4
AmpLink: 24 digital
Connectors Analog: 8-pin inverted Euroblock
AmpLink: RJ-45 (input)
Integrated DSP
Power LED Solid green: Power is on
Blinking green: Unit is in standby mode
Solid amber: Thermal fault
Solid red: Supply fault
Input Signal LED Green: Signal present
Amber: Input is near clipping
Red: Input is clipping
Solid red: Indicates a fault
Output Limit LED Amber: Amplifier limiting an output
Blinking red: Amplifier muted
Solid red: Indicates a fault
Controls, Front Panel Power On/Of
Controls, Rear Panel Amplifier mode DIP switches, loudspeaker EQ dials, input select dial, output attenuators
Mains Voltage 100 VAC – 240 VAC (±10%, 50/60 Hz)
AC Power Consumption 120 VAC: 14 W (Standby), 500 W (Max) / 230 VAC: 14 W (Standby), 500 W (Max)
Mains Connector Standard IEC (C14)
Maximum Inrush Current 14.14 A (230 VAC / 50 Hz), 8.04 A (120 VAC / 60 Hz)
Protections High temperature, output short, extra high frequency (EHF), excessively low or high AC line voltage
Inputs (Control) RJ-45 remote input for volume control using the CC-1 ControlCenter zone controllers, or for connection to the CV41
Micro-USB input for configuring the amplifier with PowerShare Editor software
Mute input control
Cooling System Microprocessor controlled, variable speed fans, left to right air flow
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.7: (44 mm) x 19" (483 mm) x 16.3" (414 mm)
Weight 14.1 lbs (6.4 kg)
Shipping Weight 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg)

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