CN900-HS LED Studio Lighting Panel w/Sony V-Lock Battery Base and Filters #2457 - USED

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  • With 900 pcs high output LED bulbs provide higher brightness for optimum illumination and diffuser.
  • Can be used in video, either for lights setup or supplement.
  • 3 filters include in this item, with Spotlight effect, Diffuse effect, and for reducing the color temperature to 3200K.
  • Rotate knob for brightness adjustment.
  • U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction
  • Barn Doors: For better adjustment of light direction and control
  • Remote Cable: For adjust the brightness in a far distance for 1.2M
  • Adopts concentration LED lights, irradiation distance can reach more than 5m, suitable for long distance shooting. the light can also be adjusted from concentrating light to diffusing light which is suitable for short distance shooting.
Power 54Watts
LED bulbs 900pcs
Power source 15V DC, 100-240V AC, Sony-V Lock Battery
Illumination(LM) 5210.2 LM
1m 6200lux
2m 1650lux
3m 750lux
4m 430lux
5m 280lux
Color temperature 5600K
Brightness control dimming by knob or remote cable
Dimension 41 x 38x 7.5cm
Weight 5LBS

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