Zoom ZFX S2T Modeling Software And Digital Audio Interface Package

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The ZFX S2t from Zoom combines sophisticated amplifier modeling software with a desktop USB audio interface that together provide guitarists and bassists the ability to create great tone using an intuitive software/hardware setup. 

Incredibly easy and fun to use and faithfully capturing the distinct tone of legendary amplifiers, cabinets and effects, the ZFX software delivers 12 guitar amplifiers, 5 bass amplifiers, 16 cabinets, 4 types of recording microphones, and 41 stompbox effects.

Using drag-and-drop the user can choose any combination of amplifier, cabinet and effects while positioning the microphone in the most appropriate location for their specific audio needs. More than 300 presets are included featuring vintage rock, country, jazz and blues tones, to ultra modern or heavy metal setups.

The S2t is a USB audio interface that yields high-quality, 24-bit/48kHz recordings. Specifically designed for the needs of guitarists, the amplifier head design looks great on a desktop and is powered via the USB bus. An optional expression pedal of foot switch can be connected to access additional controller functions. In addition to guitars and basses, dynamic or condenser microphones and keyboards can also be connected to the interface.

  • Software/hardware combination for guitarists and bassists
  • Zoom's modeling algorithms use precise analysis of impulse response and frequency response to perfectly emulate the sonic characteristics of tubes and transistors found on classic amplifiers
  • Includes 12 guitar amplifiers and 5 bass amplifiers made famous throughout 50 years of rock history
  • 16 cabinets to be used in any combination needed
  • 4 professional recording microphone models including a dynamic 57, dynamic 421, condenser 414 and condenser 87
  • 41 stompbox effects to add depth and color to any sound
  • Changing amplifier settings, cabinet layout, microphone position and rearranging the stompbox effects is simple with drag-and-drop operation
  • More than 300 tone presets
  • Includes easy-to-read catalog view of all the models available while double-clicking them brings up detailed descriptions
  • Complete control over the microphone positions
  • Built-in chromatic tuner with special and drop tuning available
  • The C2t USB audio interface has a cool amplifier head design for desktop positioning
  • An optional expression pedal of foot switch can be connected to access additional controller functions
  • 2 balanced XLR inputs with +48V phantom power are included for use with condenser microphones to record vocals or acoustic instruments
  • The Hi-Z input section features a 12AX7 tube
  • Includes Cubase LE 4 music production software

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