Sony WRR-802 UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner w/ 2 Lavalier Mic - USED

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Sony WRR-802A UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner

  • Single-channel space diversity tuner, half 19-inch rack width and 1U high
  • Output level control on front panel
  • Supplied front-mounted passive antennas
  • RF input status, audio output status, and battery alarm indications by both LED and LCD to double check operating condition
  • Two types of output connectors:
  • TRS phone balanced connector (6.3 mm dia.), LINE level; -20 dBm at ±5 kHz deviation at 1 kHz modulation
  • XLR connector, selectable output level (MIC level; -50 dBm, or LINE level; -20 dBm at ±5 kHz deviation at 1 kHz modulation)

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