Palmer PEPAMP Portable Guitar Preamp w/ Headphone and XLR outputs

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Pocket Amp

Palmer Pocket Amp - The perfect companion for guitar players

With headphone and XLR outputs you can practice quietly at home, or connect the Pocket Amp to a PA sytem for band rehearsals and forget about lugging that heavy amp and cab around. The stereo Aux Inputlets you connect CD and MP3 players to play along to your favorite songs and work out tricky parts.Providing a wide array of clean and dirty amp sounds and faithful loudspeaker simulation the Pocket Amp sounds just like the real thing. It features switchable amp selection, Clean, Crunch, and Heavy modes,loudspeaker/mic position simulations, and there are controls for Drive, Level, Treble und Bass to fine tune your sound. All this is packed into a rugged die-cast aluminium housing. The Pocket Amp operates onbattery and mains (a 9V DC adapter is available at Distrio ).

Product type Guitar Amplifiers
Technology solid state
Power n.a. W
Inputs 1
Input connectors 6.3 mm jack
Input impedance 1 M Ohm(s)
Outputs 3
Output connectors 3.5 mm jack , 6.3 mm jack , XLR
Output impedance 510 Ohm(s)
Channels 1
Indicators on/off
Controls amp select , Bass , Drive , Gain , ground lift , level , mic position , Mode , Treble
FX loop no
Operating voltage 9 V block , 9 V DC power supply
Cabinet material Die-cast aluminium
Width 100 mm
Depth 100 mm
Height 55 mm
Weight 0,36 kg

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