Palmer DREI Triple Single Ended Guitar Head Tube Amplifier

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Distortion in its purest, most natural form.

The Palmer DREI design is more than just a visual extravaganza - it mirrors the concept and the circuitry. For the purest, most natural distortion only a single-ended design will do.

Single-ended tube circuits are straightforward and simple, providing the most organic, raw tube sounds possible. In contrast to the more powerful push-pull designs the output of single-ended circuits usually does not exceed 5 Watts. That is why single-ended circuits are mostly found in small practice amps preferred by many top-notch players for recording.

Main benefits of single-ended amps:
  • Extremely responsive
  • highly interactive and touch sensitive
  • purist design with a minimum of components
  • direct signal path
  • pure, natural distortion

Dating back to the first days of vacuum tubes single-ended amplifiers are nothing new. However, the Palmer DREI incorporates THREE of these providing three times the output power of a standard single-ended design! Moreover, it accepts a variety of output tubes which all have their own unmistakable sound characteristics.

The EL84 is bright and “British” sounding with tons of distortion (think Vox amps), the 6V6 provides somewhat darker tones with a smoother “American” distortion flavor (think Fender), and while it is tight and bright at lower volumes the 6L6 becomes progressively darker when driven hard. With the Palmer DREI you can mix and match power tubes from three distinct amplifier tones and thus create your own voice.

The Palmer DREI works with the following power tubes:

  • EL84
  • 6L6
  • 6V6
  • KT90
  • KT77
  • EL34

Three different single-ended amps in a single unit - that's the Palmer DREI formula!

Product type Guitar Amplifiers
Technology tube
Class A
Power 15 W
Inputs 1
Input connectors 6.3 mm jack
Input impedance 1 M Ohm(s)
Outputs 1
Output connectors 6.3 mm jack
Output impedance 16 Ohm(s), 4 Ohm(s), 8 Ohm(s)
Channels 1
Indicators Power
Controls mains voltage selector, master power amp DREI, master power amp EINS, master power amp ZWEI, Power, preamp saturation, preamp saturation treble, standby, tone
FX loop no
Preamp tubes ECC83
Power amp tubes 6L6, 6V6, EL84
Rectifier GZ34
Operating voltage integrated (115 / 230 V)
Power consumption 100 W
Cabinet material sheet steel
Width 390 mm
Depth 250 mm
Height 230 mm
Weight 14,97 kg
Features Compatible with EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT90, KT77, EL34 power tubes

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