Tannoy VXP6-WH 1,600 Watt 6" Dual Concentric Powered Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker with Integrated LAB GRUPPEN IDEEA Class-D Amplification(White)

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  • Full range multi-purpose powered sound reinforcement loudspeaker for portable and installation applications

  • 1,600 Watt power featuring Lab Gruppen IDEEA electronics Class-D amplification

  • 6" Dual Concentric full range driver for point source phase coherence

  • Tightly controlled 90° dispersion for optimum coverage and forward projection

  • Ideal for FOH, floor monitor, delay and stage front fill applications

  • Switchable full range or high pass filter operation

  • Vented and internally braced plywood enclosure

  • Finished with hard wearing semi matt white paint

  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille

  • M6 pole mount socket for small-scale portable PA

  • Optional horizontal mounting yokes (available separately)

  • Fully balanced input and link output on Neutrik* XLR connectors

  • Neutrik powerCON* for a secure locking mains power connection


The VXP 6-WH may be one of the smaller Dual Concentric full range loudspeakers in the VXP range, but it boasts an exceptional performance-to-size ratio – plus includes LAB GRUPPEN IDEEA Class-D amplification. VXP 6-WH provides a compact, yet punchy and sonically articulate solution for small-scale performance sound reinforcement, as well as more demanding background music and high-intelligibility speech applications where clarity and natural vocal reproduction are paramount. Thanks to its twin driver design and flexible mounting options, the VXP 6-WH is also ideally suited for use complimenting much larger systems, making it an excellent choice for both installed and portable applications.

Class-D – Massive Power, Perfect Sound
Class-D – Massive Power, Perfect Sound

Equipped with a very efficient and lightweight LAB GRUPPEN IDEEA electronics Class-D power amplifier, the VXP 6-WH provides an impressive 1,600 Watts of output power in a highly portable and lightweight package. Class-D amplification makes all the difference, offering the ultimate in energy efficiency and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and large heat sinks.

Dual Concentric Driver
Dual Concentric Driver

The 1,600-Watt 150 mm (6") version of TANNOY’s VXP Series point source loudspeakers, VXP 6-WH’s constant directivity Dual Concentric drive unit technology ensures high power output with high sensitivity and exceptional efficiency. VXP 6-WH delivers precise 90º dispersion for optimum coverage, exceptional forward gain plus the added benefit of improved low-mid extension from the twin driver configuration.

Performance Applications
Performance Applications

VXP 6-WH’s trapezoidal enclosure design provides a multitude of placement options including: small scale FOH, floor monitor, delay and stage front fill deployment, and more. A blanking plate for optional VTH pole mounting is provided for placement atop a subwoofer in small-scale portable PA applications. An extensive range of optional VXP 6-WH high performance steel mounting hardware (available separately) includes a horizontal yoke bracket, an Omnimount* for wall and ceiling installation, and items to facilitate pole-mounting. All hardware has been tested and certified for a greater than 5:1 safety ratio – giving installers complete peace of mind.


Finished in a hard wearing semi matt white paint, the vented and internally braced cabinet is constructed from 12 mm (1/2") birch plywood – and includes a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille. The rear panel connector plate carries a switch for selecting between full range (FR) or high pass filter (HPF) operation, and fully balanced input and link output on Neutrik* XLR connectors for input and link connections to additional powered enclosures. A secure locking Neutrik powerCON* connector delivers mains power to the electronics, with a selection switch for either manual (MAN) or auto (AUTO) operation. VXP 6-WH loudspeakers are optimized for use LAKE LM Series controllers, and a full range of DSP settings to suit many configurations is available for free download at tannoy.com


Frequency response (Full range mode)

88 Hz - 35 kHz ±3 dB80 Hz - 45 kHz -10 dB

Frequency response (Hi-pass mode)

120 Hz - 35 kHz ±3 dB100 Hz - 45 kHz -10 dB

Nominal dispersion

90° conical @ -6dB point

Directivity factor (Q)


Directivity index (DI)


Dynamic range

106 dB

Maximum SPL

123 dB peak

Crossover type

Passive 1.6 kHz with dynamic HF protection


150 mm (1 x 6") constant directivityDual Concentric™

Maximum output power*

1600 W




Output current limiter, clip limiter, brownout protection and recovery, thermal


1 x XLR, balanced

Input impedance

10 kΩ unbalanced,20 kΩ balanced

Maximum input level for clip

+4.5 dBu (hard clip at+14.5 dBu input signal)


1 x XLR

Mains Supply

Neutrik powerCON 20A†


Recessed potentiometer


Hi-pass (HPF)/ full range (FR), switchable

Power mode

Manual (MAN)/ auto (AUTO), switchable

Power Supply

Switch-mode autorange power supply

Mains voltage

100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

60 W @ 1⁄8 max power

Dimensions (HWD)

334 x 226  x 216 mm (13.1  x 8.9 x 8.5")

Net weight

7.2 kg (15.9 lbs)


12 mm (½ ") plywood,vented and internally braced


Semi matt black paint (white optional)


Powder coated perforated steel

Flying hardware

2 x M6 yoke bracket inserts Blanking plate for optional VTH pole mount

Accessories(Sold Separately)
Yoke Horizontal VX5.2/VX6Yoke Horizontal VX5.2/VX6 - WHVTH Top Hat

*independent of limiters and driver protection circuits †Neutrik and powerCON speakON are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG. †Only qualified personnel are allowed to modify the AC-Main cord and to adhere to all applicable national standards.

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