Rane MQ302L Mojo Series Stereo Graphic Equalizer

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Here’s the long and the short of it.

The MQ 302S uses Short space-saving 20 mm sliders, while the MQ 302L uses Long and more precise 45mm sliders. All other features are identical. The MQ 302S and MQ 302L are 30-band equalizers with ultimate stereo accuracy. The single set of faders controls both left and right channels simultaneously, maintaining true stereo tracking and utilizing constant-Q technology. These EQs fills the void for true stereo applications.

Both models are accurate, professional quality instruments capable of precise equalization down to a fraction of a dB. You can expect several advantages from your constant-Q equalizer over conventional designs: moving one slider will not affect neighboring filters as much, so you won’t spend time re-adjusting sliders (we call this “equalizing the equalizer”). You’ll be able to obtain better feedback control without losing sound quality. All sliders maintain smooth, consistent and accurate calibrated control over filter levels, which is especially critical in low-profile equalizer designs. Because of this, the overall EQ adjustment process is significantly easier and more effective.

An Input Level control is provided along with a Bypass switch, enabling easy gain comparisons between equalized and unequalized signal. +4 dBu and Overload indicators detect both input and post-EQ levels.

Either unit interfaces easily to many types of systems, featuring balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs, along with balanced ¼" TRS Inputs and unbalanced ¼" TS Outputs.

The Rane Mojo Series maintains sonic and construction quality not found (until now) in this price range. Designed for the working musician…simple operation…reduced features…without compromise in audio quality or dependability.

  • 30 Bands of Constant-Q Filters on Ganged Stereo Sliders
  • Extremely Low Noise: 115 dB Dynamic Range
  • Signal (+4 dBu) and Overload Indicators
  • ±12 dB Level Control for Optimum Gain Structure
  • Low Noise Toroid Transformer
  • Balanced XLR & ¼" Connectors
  • Internal AC Power Supply Meets European CE Requirements
  • 45 mm Filter Sliders Control Both Left & Right Channels
Dimensions 4.25" x 20.3" x 13.75"
Weight 11 lb

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